Refresh your console

Holidays are coming and it is the best year to enjoy the warmth of a cozy home. But what if you are bored with the aesthetics of your space? 

Well .. Who isn’t? 

We usually spend so much on our home’s constructions or renovations, so making changes costly changes every now and then isn’t always an option. 

Fortunately, with some little changes here and there you can add some life and excitement to your home. All it needs is some playfulness and few expert’s tricks and you can make your home more exciting.

So today I would share with you some tips of how I added some life to the table console that sits in my living room, so you can copy.  

My console was actually my mother’s old desk, it is kind of tiny but I love having it by the wall in my living space and once in a while, I give it some refresh. 

So this is how I did it.

  1. Add lamp on one or both sides of the console. Make sure to center them and not push them to the wall to give layering
  2. If you add the lamp on one side, then balance it with a little bit shorter item on the other side, like candles.
  3. Add an artwork in the background. Always try to find common factors between all your pieces. It could be a matching color or the finish of the frame.
  4. You can add height to any item using a pile of books. Here I used it to raise the candles a bit.
  5. Finally add some life through a living plant or some natural stones. Here I have added some pines that I collected from my garden last winter.

No matter what items you add to your console, it is always about the balance and the layering of different shapes and materials that you through in. Always make sure to add at least one item from your personal collection, may be an inherited china plate or vase you picked up on a flea market on your latest trip. It is these little things that adds interest and creates a story, Your Story!

Published by Engy Samir

Interior Designer and Blogger

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