Design Master Plan

Design Master Plan is our complete design-only services for your space that you implement with your own contractors and trades. We create a phenomenal design, and provide you with all the scaled drawings, 3D renderings, design selections, and resources you’ll need to make it a reality.

Here is How the Full-design Service Works

STEP 01 – Project Kickoff

This will be the time for us to discuss all aspects of the project. Engy will need to understand in depth your requirements and aspiration for your space. All people involved in the financial and aesthetic decision making will need to attend the meeting to make the best out of it.

Engy will have a questionnaire that she would go through during the meeting to make sure all project details are covered.

To get the best out of it: Make sure you bring in any inspiration photos you have, pictures of furniture you would like to re-use. Also it will be good to have a thought of your execution budget at time of the meeting.

STEP 02 – Site Survey and Measurements Day

Engy and the team will do a thorough site survey to take measurements, look for site restrictions before starting any design work.

Notes: Engy would need the measurements of any furniture/appliances that would be used before design concept starts. So if you haven’t already provided that, make sure you send this information out.

STEP 03 – Design Concept and Moodboard

This is when we will work on your personalized design concept. We will finalize the furniture planning, the material selection for all the entire space. This will take a while to put together. But we will give you a weekly update on how things are going. You can also expect to receive few questions during this time.

STEP 04 – Design Presentation

This is one of the fun moments on the project. It is the day where we will present to you the complete design plan of your space. This includes furniture, fabrics, lighting, paint colors and anything else your project needs. Also, all decision makers must be present at this meeting. Some of the large projects might require a second presentation. Again, all decision makers must be present so we can finalize selections.

STEP 05 – 3D Design

Once the design concept is finalized and approved, the team will start working on the design renders to give you the preview of the final look of the space. These renders also help contractors doing their job as designed. Sometimes during the renders some of the ideas in the design concepts might be slightly changed. Engy will continue to keep you weekly updated on the progress during this time.

STEP 06 – Approving 3D Designs

The 3D renders will be sent out to client. If a discussion meeting is required we can definetly do that. Feedback will received and incorporated in final 3D design renders

STEP 07 – Develop Working Drawings

Once the renders are approved, we will start getting that into working drawings that contractors will need to work from on site during execution. And as usual Engy will keep you up to date with the progress.