Engy Samir Designs Interior Design Services

Interior Design Services

Design Consultation
Design Consultation Service by Engy Samir Designs

So if you already have the vision for your space but you need some help to pull it together, then Design consultation is the one for you.

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Design Master Plan
Engy Samir Designs Design Master Plan Service

Design Master Plan is our complete design-only services for your space that you implement with your own contractors and trades.

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Full-Service Design
Engy Samir Designs Full Design Service

If you are too busy to handle your design project yourself, then our Full-service design is for you! We will take care of every detail about your project so you can truly enjoy your home without worries.

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Still not sure if our services it you?  Schedule a complimentary video consultation call with Engy so we can get to know, learn about your design project, and help you understand more about our services and design process, so we can see if we’re a great fit together, and recommend the best design package based on your needs, location, and project budget.

We can’t wait to help you revive your home smoothly and hassle free.