Living Room Design by Engy Samir


Meet Engy

Engy Samir is an enthusiastic interior designer with over 20 years of professional experience.  

She earned a diploma in interior design from The National Design Academy in the UK and she is working on her master design degree. 

Engy also holds bachelors degree in engineering as well as masters in business administration.

Her professional experience is backed up by multiple years of work in multinationals as well as family business in construction. 

Engy Samir is the go-to interior designer for highly achieving professionals who want to get a personalized space, not just a  Pinterest copy

Classical Home Renovation Project By Engy Samir Designs


In ES Dexigns, we thrive on helping homeowners to create spaces that brings them joy, serenity, and improves the quality of their lives.

ES Dexigns team believe that each space should be a reflection of souls of the people living in it, that’s why our services are fully-tailored.

Right from your first meeting with ES Dexigns, you will realize how UNIQUE & THOROUGH our process is!