Our Services

Not sure if our services fit you?  Schedule a complimentary video consultation call with Engy so we can get to know, learn about your design project, and help you understand more about our services and design process, so we can see if we’re a great fit together, and recommend the best design package based on your needs, location, and project budget.

We can’t wait to help you revive your home smoothly and hassle free.

Our Process

01. Design Discovery Call
02. Lifestyle Questionnaire
03. Home Review & Assessment Report

Up to 1 hour zoom meeting of what we call “Design Discovery Call“. This call will be a good opportunity for you to share with our expert designer your needs and learn about our services. Through this call we would make recommendation of our best services that fit your project needs and budget.

At the comfort of your home, you can start the process of your home design and life improvement.

After our discover call, we will send you our Exclusive Lifestyle Questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will give us a more clear vision of the project requirements to be able to give you the best design services. The outcome for this questionnaire will be a recommendation of either:

  • A tailored design-only package that you can implement on your own with your contractor
  • Or we can recommend to schedule a site visit in case “A full design service” is needed.

After receiving your responses, our team will analyze them and craft your tailored design solution. And based on that we might need to schedule a site visit. On this visit, both designer and site supervisor from our office will run a walkthrough at your house to make sure all design and technical aspects are covered. Then we would submit a full design report according to our agreement with you.