Refresh your console

No matter what items you add to your console, it is always about the balance and the layering of different shapes and materials that you through in. Always make sure to add at least one item from your personal collection, may be an inherited china plate or vase you picked up on a flea market on your latest trip. It is these little things that adds interest and creates a story, Your Story!

Low Cost Interior Designer

So it took me two weeks of work, more than 10K EGP (around 650USD) of losses, and good share of stress and anxiety, to fix such a tiny-winy mistake in execution, that can very likely happen during renovation. And that’s what makes a reliable interior designer expensive to hire.

So, before you get excited about the low cost interior designer you are about to hire, ask him how he handles similar situations? Who would bare the cost of any issues caused by the sub-contractors, because, believe me, they are unavoidable!
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Shop the look of 2022 Studio Color Palette of Dulux

In today’s moodboard, I have used the “Studio palette” of Dulux by mixing and matching some furniture pieces that can easily grab from the Egyptian local market to help you re-invent your living room with the lively Studio Colors trend of 2022.
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Your Guide to Hire an Interior Designer

Every day we hear tons of stories about challenges and frustrations of home owners trying to establish or renovate a space.

If you have similar experiences, then it is time to hire a qualified interior designer for your upcoming renovation project. And NO, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg to do so.
I will tell you how!
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13 Small kitchen budget design ideas that require zero renovation

Challenged by small kitchen space?
Worried about the cost and effort needed to upgrade your kitchen to meet your needs?
Well, you can achieve dramatic improvement in the looks and the function of your kitchen with zero renovation and a little cost.
Here are 13 ideas how you can do that.
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How to kickstart interior design career even if you are not an architecture graduate?

Whether you are to design your own space, explore new business/career opportunities or develop your skills if you are already in the design/contracting world, you will find these programs beneficial.
None of these programs will promise that you will be a top-notch designer upon completion, however if the interior design field is for you, each will give you a different perspective of the design world and will get you hooked even more.
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Hi, I’m Engy, founder of Engy Samir Dexigns. I became a full time interior designer and contractor in 2017. Before that I used to work in the IT industry. I have started blogging in 2021 to share my passion for interior design with you.

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