13 Small kitchen budget design ideas that require zero renovation

Challenged by small kitchen space? 

Worried about the cost and effort needed to upgrade your kitchen to meet your needs?

 Well, you can achieve dramatic improvement in the looks and the function of your kitchen with zero renovation and a little cost.

Here are 13 ideas how you can do that!

1.  Use peal-and-stick backsplash – The most eye-catching spot of any kitchen is the backsplash. You do not need to change tiles or add costly marble backsplash to re-vamp your kitchen. All you need to do is use colorful peal-and-stick backsplash and you get a whole new kitchen look. 


You can find this lovely decorative vinyl wall sticker on SOUQ.com

2. Add display shelves – small kitchens always have the challenge of enough storage. You can add additional storage by adding display shelves to your kitchen between the base and the wall units and ALAS! you have extra storage. Just make sure you do not place the shelves too close to your countertop so as not to interrupt the food preparation work.


3. Add pretty storage baskets on top of wall units – not all kitchens’ wall units are ceiling height, if this is the case in your kitchen, use colorful baskets for additional storage to be displayed on top of the wall unit. 

kitchen basket.jpg

 4. Stick chalkboard sticker and draw on it – you can create an accent wall only by fixing a chalkboard sticker on a single plain wall. Do not forget to do some art on it.

 SOUQ.com has a wide selection, so check it out here


5. Inject bright colors – you can give your kitchen a total makeover by adding a trendy accent color accessory. This can simply be done by changing curtains, matching planter pots, or even a new platter set. 

6. Hang plants from the ceiling – consider growing essential kitchen herbs and hang the planters from the ceiling or on walls. This enhances both the charm of your kitchen and the taste of your food.

kitchen hanging plant.jpg

7.  Change lighting units – small kitchens usually have issues with lighting, especially with small windows not allowing enough sunlight to get in. You can still get around that by installing a track spotlight on the ceiling. This will help lighting all dark corners of your kitchen with zero demolition.

track light

8.  Artwork – Never underestimate the power of adding a couple of simple wall artworks in your kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t have any cabinet free wall, you can add the artwork on a plain colored backsplash or on top of any display shelf.

kitchen artwork

9. Use bold colored rug to distract the eye – Using strong patterned flooring in small spaces distracts the eye and makes the space feel bigger. Installing new tiles in a small kitchen can be a quite costly, so you can get around that by adding a bold patterned rug in your kitchen and it will do the job.

Check out kilim art and Creative Egypt collections of handwoven rugs that are both colorful and affordable.


10. Hang pots and pans – inspired by French country-style, you can install a pot rack on any empty wall or above kitchen island where you can hang empty pots and pans to save you some of your kitchen’s precious space.


 11 . Install a mirror – mirrors can double the light in an interior space and therefore makes the space feel more open. So، consider hanging a small or large mirror on an empty wall or on the backsplash. You might also consider changing the cabinet glass to reflective glass.

kitchen mirror.jpg

12. Hang a large kitchen clock – not only is it essential in the kitchen, but also it serves well in distracting the eye from the kitchen’s space limitation.


13.  Install display shelf on top of kitchen door – The space above doors is usually dead area, make it alive by fixing a display shelf that can also act as an extra storage space.

But what if you are planning for a total makeover for your kitchen? May be installing new cabinets? Or even going through wall and floor renovation? In that case, you can find out some inspiring ideas in our article 21 renovation ideas for your small kitchen to maximize your kitchen space. 

You can also find some inspiration for your kitchen colors in 2021 trendy kitchen colors

If you still need help with ideas for your kitchen, write to us in the comments and we will give you our thoughts. 

You can also share with us a picture of your kitchen makeover; we would love to see it. You can tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

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