Shop the look of 2022 Studio Color Palette of Dulux

The new year is approaching, and as usual, Dulux, a major paints supplier, color experts gather to translate global design trends into the new Color of the Year depending on the mood of the moment. 

Their discussions led to the key color shade of the year is the soothing blue “Bright Skies” color, which is an airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life, giving optimism after all what the world has been through over the past two years.

Dulux Bright Skies Color of the year for 2022
Dulux Color of the year for 2022, Bright Skies Color

Bright Skies is good for the soul, it promises to open up and revitalise your home. Pairing the “Bright skies” with joyful, vibrant, warm colors from the “Studio palette”, a one of four palettes created by Dulux, the space energy is uplifted. It helps boosting the creativity while at the same time giving the coziness and tranquility of the “Bright skies”.

Dulux Studio Colors Palette for 2022
2022 Studio Palette of Dulux

In today’s moodboard, I have used the “Studio palette” by mixing and matching some furniture pieces that can easily grab from the Egyptian local market to help you re-invent your living room with the lively Studio Colors. 

Moodboard of Studio Color Palette of 2022 from Dulux, by ES Dexigns
Moodboard of Studio Color Palette of 2022 from Dulux

You can shop the items from here.

Do you like this palette and pieces mix and match? Write to me your opinion in the comments.

If you are looking for more ideas on how to combine the colors or you need some help reinventing your space using the 2022 color palettes send me an email and I can give you a hand.

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